Dimensions of angle, specific heat, heat, latent heat, frequency, charge, potential difference, resistance.

What are the dimensions of angle,specific heat,heat,latent heat,frequency,charge,potential difference,resistance?

  • Angle does not have any dimension as it is a pure ratio
  • Dimensions of Specific heat  = [M0L2T-2K-1]
  • Heat has the same dimensional formula as that of energy [ML2T-2]
  • Latent heat is the heat energy required to convert unit mass of a substance from one state to another without change in temperature. Therefore, the dimensions are [M0L2T-2]
  • Dimensions of frequency = [M0L0T-1]
  • Dimensions of charge = [AT]
  • Dimensions of potential difference = [ML2T-3A-1]
  • Dimensions of [ML2T-3A-2]



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