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Can you answer these? A bullet of mass m is fired with a velocity v and strikes a a block of mass M suspended by a string of length L. the bullet gets embedded in the block. What is the angle the the block makes due to the impact?   Why planets revolve around their…… Continue reading Questions waiting to be answered at

What is circular or rotary motion ? Explain with example.

(This question was originally posted at – our initiative to answer the curious questions emerged as a result of genuine thought of children. As the above question did not qualify the criterion to be posted and answered at A…

Valentine’s Day Physics Contest !

What Physics in Valentine’s Day Contest Share what Physics you applied on Valentine’s Day. Add your entry as comment. Only approved entries will be published. Best of the entries received will get free registration card/login card worth Rs. 995/- for – An online portal for exam preparation. The entries must be genuine and should…… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Physics Contest !