Jameel Leers idea on Atom Bomb! What do you think?

Jameel Leers Posted “I’m a carpenter with a bit of an interest in physics. Today while eating lunch on a  building site i realised something that i need confirming or de-bunking. Here it is: I believe an Atomic Bomb wouldn’t work in space. Here’s why: Take 90 kgs of tnt, when it detonates it is [...]

Physics Portions for SA1 Class IX CBSE

Motion, force and work Motion : Distance and displacement, velocity; uniform and non-uniform motion along a straight line; acceleration, distance-time and velocity-time graphs for uniform motion and uniformly accelerated motion, equations of motion by...

Physics Nobel Prize 2010

Professor Andre Geim and Professor Konstantin Novoselov have been awarded Nobel Prize in Physics (2010) for their pioneering work with the world’s thinnest material. Sometimes the old gives rise to the new in wonderfully unexpected ways. Such wa...

Dimensions of angle, specific heat, heat, latent heat, frequency, charge, potential difference, resistance.

What are the dimensions of angle,specific heat,heat,latent heat,frequency,charge,potential difference,resistance? Angle does not have any dimension as it is a pure ratio Dimensions of Specific heat  = [M0L2T-2K-1] Heat has the same dimensional formula as that of energy [ML2T-2] Latent heat is the heat energy required to convert unit mass of a substance from one state … Continue reading Dimensions of angle, specific heat, heat, latent heat, frequency, charge, potential difference, resistance.

How to Score high Grades in CCE?

CBSE has renovated the evaluation system and classes VI to X is now following the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE). Here are some tips and guidelines to help you score better grades in CCE. The most important step in scoring high grades in CCE is to: “Let the teachers know you well” Grades are awarded … Continue reading How to Score high Grades in CCE?

Syllabus for IPhO

General : A.The extensive use of the calculus (differentiation and integration) and the use of complex numbers or solving differential equations should not be required to solve the theoretical and practical problems. B.Questions may contain concepts and phenomena not contained in the Syllabus but sufficient information must be given in the questions so that candidates … Continue reading Syllabus for IPhO