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How was your Practical Viva? Share your experience!

Hello Dear Students of Class XII.   The practical exams begun and most of you are attending the Viva Voce for the first time. Sharing your experience would be a nice idea. It will help your friends all over to have an idea about the nature of experience you had and prepare accordingly. Though every […]

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Random collection of Physics Viva Questions

State the Principle of a potentiometer. (The students say that potential drop is proportional to length but the constant quantities are not mentioned) How can we increase the sensitivity of a potentiometer? Define figure of merit of a galvanometer. Which has more resistance – a galvanometer or a milliammeter? How does an LED emit light? […]


What Type of questions are asked in Viva Voce?

The methodology of questioning varies from examiner to examiner. The normal way of questioning is to start from the experiment you are alloted. Example: What experiment are you doing? Ans: To determine the value of unknown resistance using metre bridge…

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CBSE Physics Classs XII Viva Voce – Tips to perform well

Viva Voce is one one of the important factor which decides your overall score in Physics Practical examination. The external examiner is not knowing what you are really. Viva Voce is the only means to have a direct interaction with you. Therefore your performance in viva has a direct impact on the marks you get […]