Parallel Universe

Is there really a parallel universe? Answer: As of now, the answer is not final. There are different ideas and explanation given on parallel universes. Some say if parallel universe are far away from us, whereas others say that they are very close to us. String theorists say that there are actually 11 dimensions. They’d come to…… Continue reading Parallel Universe

Transcript of my chat with a student on DARK MATTER

Mani is online. hi sir..gud aftrnun hello sir..hav u heard of dark matter? ya itz said dat its present evrywher in d universe…does it possess mass? Not Everywhere, Darkmatter is matter which is not seen because they donot emit or reflect any detectable radiations or matter. Their presence is felt by gravity. Just like a…… Continue reading Transcript of my chat with a student on DARK MATTER

Importance of Cosmological Constant

Understanding the unnaturally small size of the cosmological constant poses one of severest challenges for a theory of gravity. At late times and for large distances, the apparent size of the cosmological constant is constrained to be extremely small in terms of the natural scale for gravity, the Planck mass. In contrast, no observations bound…… Continue reading Importance of Cosmological Constant