A Numerical Problem from Kinematics

A car starts motion from rest at uniform acceleration of 2m/sec 2 for 3 seconds, and then it maintains a constant speed for 2 seconds.Then the breaks are used to decelerate the car uniformly to rest during a time of 3 seconds. Draw the graph representing the journey of the car then calculate 1)the maximum speed … Continue reading A Numerical Problem from Kinematics

A Few Problems from Kinematics

A body falling freely from rest has velocity v after it falls a height h . Calculate the distance it should fall down further for its velocity to become double A particle in uniform acceleration in a straight line has a speed of v m/s at position x meter is given by √(25-16x). What is [...]

Gain in momentum of a body starting from rest and moving with a uniform acceleration

A mass of 2 g initially  at Rest Travels for 4 sec with and acceleration of 1.5m/s2.The gain of momentum of the body is: This question was posted by Thushar Goyal. Answer: Taking u = 0 m/s, a= 1.5 m/s2 and t = 4 s calculate v v=u+at =6m/s masss, m = 2...