A question from velocity time graph

if graph of velocity v and time t for a particle moving along straight line is parabola symmetric about time axis, then the relation between acceleration a and time t for particle is …. ? (Divya posted this question)

Can you find the impracticability of the following question?

The following question is from a recent question paper for class XI Physics where the teacher tried to restructure a question from NCERT Textbook in Physics for Class XI. This is an example where careless restructuring creates problematic situation. However, can you tell me what is the impracticability with  the following problem? Also tell me what assumptions […]

Selected Physics questions for SA1 for Class 9

Velocity time graph of a body is shown in the diagram below. What conclusion can be drawn about the velocity of the body from the graph? The value of G on earth’s surface is 6.67 x 10 -11 Nm2/kg2. What is its value on the surface of moon? A perso…