Class XI Physics Practical Exam Viva Voce

Hi Students! The practical examinations are accompanied by viva voce by the external/internal examiner to ensure the genuineness of their work and to analyse the understanding of the subject by the students. So it is important to prove yourself by performing well in the viva voce. The following questions will be of some help to prepare well for…… Continue reading Class XI Physics Practical Exam Viva Voce

No need to worry over Physics (CBSE)

The evaluation of AISSCE 2012 Physics started and CBSE has prepared a fool proof marking scheme which will give the students the marks they deserve. However, those who just left the questions unanswered will be at loss; because many of the difficult questions are liberalized but only those who attempted the questions will get the benefit. Those…… Continue reading No need to worry over Physics (CBSE)

Some inspiring words and quotes for teachers

“Teachers are the chosen best of humanity” “We Know everything past and present and probably the future too, but we don’t know that we know every thing. It requires a teacher to help us unveil the knowledge hidden in ourselves” “Learning fills a person with joy” A child (or any one ) becomes happy when…… Continue reading Some inspiring words and quotes for teachers


Taking another step towards reforming the education system by making it more student-centric, the Central Board of Secondary Education has “advised” teachers in affiliated schools to act more as facilitators than instructors by cutting down on teacher-talking time and instead enabling more peer-group learning. In a recent set of guidelines spelling out, in no uncertain…… Continue reading TEACHER AS FACILITATOR

Education Related Downloads

Aims of Education Aims of Education Book Extract – John Dewey Vulnerability in Education A Treatise on Parents and Children – Bernard Shaw Teachers as Transformers: Learning from outstanding primary school teachers To Children I give my Heart An Experiment in Education My Country School Diary Teacher – The testament of an inspired teacher Class…… Continue reading Education Related Downloads