Motion of connected system – A Numerical problem

A mass 5kg descending vertically,draws up a mass of3kg by means of a light string passing over a pulley.At the end of 4 seconds,the string breaks.How much higher 3 kg mass would go? Post your solutions as comments to this post Answer will be posted soon once we get responses from visitors

Centre of mass of an accelerated body

“What is the effect on centre of mass of system of particles when it is placed in accelerated train?” Vimal asked
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Collisions and Principle of Conservation of Momentum – Weblinks

According to the principle of conservation of momentum, the total momentum of a system of particles remains constant provided no external force acts on it. Principle of conservation of momentum is one of the fundamental concepts of Physics.  

A Question from Electromagnetic Waves

Rajat asked: – we know that electric and magnetic field are associated with charged particle but when light travells,it produces electric and magnetic field both but it consests of photons,which is a uncharged particle.why it did so? Master will soon answer this. By the time, if any visitor wants to answer, please use the commenting…… Continue reading A Question from Electromagnetic Waves