Parallel Universe

Is there really a parallel universe? Answer: As of now, the answer is not final. There are different ideas and explanation given on parallel universes. Some say if parallel universe are far away from us, whereas others say that they are very close to us. String theorists say that there are actually 11 dimensions. They’d come to…… Continue reading Parallel Universe


The capacitance of a parallel plate capacitor without any medium between its plates is given by When a dielectric completely fills the space between the plates of the capacitor, the capacitance increases K times, where K is the dielectric constant (relative permitivity) of the dielectric. If a dielectric slab of thickness t (<d) is introduced…… Continue reading EFFECT OF DIELECTRIC IN A CAPACITOR

How can we define one Newton ?

How can we define one Newton? (Asked Pawas Rituja)
One newton is defined as that force which when acts on a body of mass 1 kg produces an acceleration of 1 m/s^2 in it
Incoming search terms:if you set up your pendulum atop mount everest would the period be less than the same as or greater thanit would […]

Jameel Leers idea on Atom Bomb! What do you think?

Jameel Leers Posted “I’m a carpenter with a bit of an interest in physics. Today while eating lunch on a  building site i realised something that i need confirming or de-bunking. Here it is: I believe an Atomic Bomb wouldn’t work in space. Here’s why: Take 90 kgs of tnt, when it detonates it is […]

String Theory and Einstein

S.A. JEFFREY asks: “My clock converts a circular earth orbit into an eliptical one. And the result is six minutes difference from sidereal time per year. Approx we take this figure to 10,000 digits of pi accuracy as the formula uses Pi. A cicular orbit can be in as many as 11 dimensions but these […]