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Solving problems from kinematics and friction

I just want to know how to easily solve problems related to kinematics and friction. I don’t know why i always face problem in these two topics a lot…… Please help and tell some tricks to solve these both……. THANK U
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Rain and Man problems – How to solve?

Shashank Asked: “How to solve rain and man problems from motion in one dimension?” Answer: The problem is solved using principles of vector addition. There is a simple logic to remember A/C = A/B x B/C If we represent diagrammatically (in the form of vectors) the velocity of rain wrt ground, velocity of man wrt […]


Class XII Physics :: How to prepare well in advance?

Learn thoroughly the first time you learn a new concept. Suppose, the topic Kirchhoff’s laws is taught in class. Revise the topic the same day yourselves. Keep a paper and pen while you revise and jot down whatever you feel important. Please note that you cannot memorize derivations by reading. Write and practice the derivations. […]