Difference between Scalar Product and Vector Product

“What is the difference between dot product and cross product?” [The question was posted by Salman)
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Electrostatic induction – Where does the charge go on earthing?

Rajkumar asks:”in electrostatic induction in step 3 when earthed wire is removed then where the free negative charge go.does they go to earth then what happen to them.”
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Why we specifically note resistance in a circuit while all part of a wire have some resistance..?

Why we specifically note resistance in a circuit while all part of a wire have some resistance..???
The resistance of the rest of the circuit compared to the resistance of the resistor is negligible.
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The SI & CGS unit of time is same .Why?

Almost in all systems of unit second is the unit of time, most probably because, second is the most convenient one, if we look at the guidelines for selecting a unit. For more details refer to the following links http://www.aticourses.com/international_system_units.htm http://www.french-metrology.com/en/history/history-mesurement.asp http://physics.nist.gov/cuu/Units/history.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metric_system http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Systems_of_measurement Incoming search terms:cgs unit for timeThe SI & CGS unit of […]

LHC discovery

Salfronz asks: “When they talk about finding a particle like the Higgs boson, and looking in certain energy levels, does this really mean that the particle is that equivalent mass?  It seems like at the energy levels they’re looking at that these particles would be easily detectable if they actually had the mass to correlate […]

Why can’t we see through opaque objects?

Why can’t we see through opaque objects? What is the reason? (Kavya asked) Answer: When light falls on an object, a part of it is absorbed, another part transmitted and the rest reflected. Surfaces have different abilities for these. Substances which do not transmit any light are opaque. Incoming search terms:what are the possibilities of […]