An online quiz for Class 9 Physics – Force and Motion

Attempt this quiz from force and motion. This is primarily aimed at CBSE Class9 students. A Multiple Choice Quiz from Force The page will open in a new window. Your score will be shown on top of page in percentage. You can attempt multiple times and can improve performance. Please post your comments if you […]

Prepare for Science Quizzes online

We are starting a series of quizzes to enable the students to practice for online quizzes. Take the sample quiz below for getting an idea on how the quizzes will be coming. If you like it, let us know. Post your reactions as comment to this post. Based on the popularity, we will be adding […]

Time Management – A must follow skill to succeed in Life

We can define time management as the different techniques through which an individual can utilize his time and other associated resources. Moreover, time management brings many benefits for the students such as gaining on time,get motivated and learn t…


A General Briefing on Studying Physics (for Indian Students) Quite often we hear “There is no substitute for hard work” Everyone you come across advise you to work hard. But, Mere hard work  will not pay.   I know several students who…

Download CBSE Class IX and X Science Sample Question Paper for Term I (SA1)

CBSE has published sample papers in all subjects for Class IX and X. You can download Science Sample Papers for Class IX and X here. The question paper contains BluPrint and Marking scheme too. Practising this with a view to score maximum marks as per the marking scheme will be a great help for the […]

A website for Physics Homework online help !

Are you looking for online help to solve your Physics Homework questions and problems? Visit, You can post your questions and mostly within 24 hrs you will get your questions answered. In the rare case, you may get hints and references instead of the complete answer.  

CBSE Physics Classs XII Viva Voce – Tips to perform well

Viva Voce is one one of the important factor which decides your overall score in Physics Practical examination. The external examiner is not knowing what you are really. Viva Voce is the only means to have a direct interaction with you. Therefore your performance in viva has a direct impact on the marks you get…… Continue reading CBSE Physics Classs XII Viva Voce – Tips to perform well