Kinematics Problem

In a circus show a clown who is sitting on a post with height,H drops an apple to the ground.At the same time another clown throw an orange vertically upward from ground with speed 11 m/s.If both fruits pass each other after 0.8s, (a) determine the height (b) where do the apple and orange meet? [...]


The following links to SCERT will help you get a handful of good sample papers for preparation for Plustwo Physics Exams including the Onam Examinations Class X Physics Sample Paper (SSLC) 2006 Sample Question Paper on Electronics   Higher Secondary Physics Question Paper  

Download CBSE Class IX and X Science Sample Question Paper for Term I (SA1)

CBSE has published sample papers in all subjects for Class IX and X. You can download Science Sample Papers for Class IX and X here. The question paper contains BluPrint and Marking scheme too. Practising this with a view to score maximum marks as per the marking scheme will be a great help for the [...]