Resultant magnetic force

What is resultant magnetic force? can you please explain with an example. (Shreya) Answer: When a magnetic substance (or a magnet) is placed in a region where there are multiple magnetic fields, the net force due to all of them is called the resultant. In other words, it is that magnetic force which can effectively [...]

Coulombian force and conductor

what’s effect of  coulombic forces on conductor medium ? amk niazi Ans: In a conductor, the coulombian  repulsive forces  pushes the valence electrons and the electrons move away from the center to the surface ie from the region of stronger force to the region of lesser force, creating a Faraday cage   Incoming search terms:what’s effect of coulombic forces on conductor [...]

How is doping related with depletion layer of diode?

"How is doping related with depletion layer of diode and how it increases the conductivity of semiconductor" - Nilotpal Arjun Asks Answer: As doping is increased, the width of depletion layer decreases as there will be enough electrons and holes available in a narrow region. The conductivity increases

Transistor as a Switch

(This is one of the Expected Question for AISSCE Physics 2011) Explain the action of transistor as a switch. To answer this question (with proper understanding) you should have an idea of the three regions in the VI characteristics of a transistor. viz; Cutoff region, Active region and the saturation region. When the input bias of a … Continue reading Transistor as a Switch