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CLASS XII – SAMPLE PAPER PHYSICS Time allowed : 3 hours Max. Marks : 70 General Instructions: All questions are compulsory There are 30 questions in total. Questions 1 to 8 carry one mark each, 9 to 18 carry two marks each, 19 to 27 carry 3 marks each and 28 to 30 carry 5 […]

Plus Two Physics

If gravitation suddenly stops?!

If gravitation suddenly stops …… neglecting the rotation … if someone is standing on ground ….. will the normal reaction disappear?? If yes why? I want to know when does normal reaction acts on a body? and in the absence of weight why would it disappear? (Ahwan Abhinandan Joshi asks)

Physics Homework

A Physics homework problem based on projectile motion and reaction time

A missile is launched and travels at 309m/s. If the operator discovers that the missile is locked on the wrong target and must be detonated by remote signal before impact, how far will the missile travel if the operator’s reaction time to send…

Ask Physics constraints Force General Mechanics tackle

How to tackle problems with constraint relations?

“Can you suggest a way to tackle problems on constraint relations easily??” – Aritra posted this question. Answer: The common way to solve problems involving constraints is to replace the constraints with their reaction forces. As the question is not specific, I cannot tell much now. If you have further doubts regarding this issue, please …Read the full post

Irodov Solutions

Solutions to Irodov Problem 1.81 and 1.82

The body mpushes the body Mbackwards. As the bodyM is pushed backwards,m is forced to slide down the incline on M. Let the tension in the string be T and let the normal reaction between the surfaces be N. Further let the acceleration of body M be and let the acceleration of body m with […]

Animated Physics General Physics

Cyclotron Animation

A cyclotron is device by which positively charged particle can be accelerated and the desired nuclear reaction can be brought about. Principle A positively charged particle can be accelerated to high energy with the help of an oscillating electric field, by making it cross the same electric field time and again with the use of […]