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Can you answer these? A bullet of mass m is fired with a velocity v and strikes a a block of mass M suspended by a string of length L. the bullet gets embedded in the block. What is the angle the the block makes due to the impact?   Why planets revolve around their…… Continue reading Questions waiting to be answered at

Where is electricity stored after it is generated but before it is supplied?

This question was posted by Chithraja. This is a common doubt arising naturally in the minds of children as well as adults who think. But they never ask, or if they ask the questions remain unanswered. I will explain the question itself first. When we switch on a bulb we get the energy. But what happens to the electricity […]


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Question from Relative velocity

The distance between two cars decrease by 20m in 2s when they travel in opposite direction , and distance decrease by 1m in 1s when they travel in same direction. the speeds of cars are ………. ? (Divya posted this question)

Define Momentum

Momentum is defined as the quantity of motion. Only moving bodies possess momentum. It is a vector quantity and its direction is same as that of velocity. Momentum is measured as the product of mass and velocity. Momentum of a body is a measure of the …

A question from Relativity

Can someone tell me how to derive
M = M_0/√(1 – v^2/c^2)
Emmanuel Gonzalez posted this.
The formula for relativistic mass (i.e. the mass of a body when it is moving with speeds comparable to the velovity of light in vacuum is given by)