Must Buy Physics Books for Plus Two students

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What you do today could affect what happened yesterday!!

Can the future affect the past? What you do today could affect what happened yesterday – that is the bizarre conclusion of a thought experiment in quantum physics described in a preprint article by Yakir Aharonov of Tel-Aviv University in Israel and colleagues. Read more at What do you think? Post your comments after reading … Continue reading What you do today could affect what happened yesterday!!

Ideas on the Origin of Universe

Well, nobody knows it exactly. Physics and other sciences can explain How things go or went, not Why. Althought there is a theory, called the M theory or the 11 dimensions theory, that gives a kind of answer to this: the M theory says that the matter is made of little strings that vibrating give [...]

Black holes and gravitons ! Anything wrong here?

If no particle can escape from a black hole, how does quantum mechanics (which postulates gravitons) explain that a black hole’s gravitational field extends beyond its event horizon? If the force of gravity is transmitted by an exchange of gravitons, they’d have to escape from the black hole. I know they’re massless, but so are [...]

A question on Quantum Entanglement

I have read a lot about quantum mechanics but have a query. using an entangled photon for this question. If you can’t measure an entangled photon without affecting it’s entanglement then how do we know it was even entangled to start with and not just always a certain “spin”, either up or down. How can [...]