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A clock has a pendulum made of brass . The clock record time correctly at 20 degree C. If temp is increased by 10 degree C, the clock will gain or lose time and by how much??? (Shubham Chauhan posted this question)
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Third Term Unit Test sample question paper for Class XI CBSE

A Sample test for Third term for Class XI Physics. This test covers the chapters Properties of Fluids Thermal Properties of matter Thermodynamics The pattern of the question paper is 5 x 1 mark = 5 marks 5 x 2 marks = 10 marks 5 x 3 marks = 15 marks 2 x 5 marks = 10 […]

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Properties of matter :: Question Bank for Plus One (Class XI)

1.Distinguish between inter atomic and intermolecular forces. 2.What do you mean by saying, crystalline solids are anisotropic and amorphous solids are isotropic in behavior? 3.Explain, (a) deforming force,(b) elastic body,(c) plastic body (d) elasticity. 4.The length of a metal is l1, when the tension in it is T1 and l2, when the tension is T2. […]