Numerical Problems From Optics

When an object of height 4cm is placed at 40cm from a mirror the mirror forms the image on the object itself. If the height of the image is equal to the height of the object. Find out the focal length of the mirror and identify the mirror. A convergent beam of light passes through … Continue reading Numerical Problems From Optics

Numerical Problems from Kinematics and Force

1.if a man in a boat rows perpendicular to the bank he is drifted 120 m during crossing river in 10 minutes . if he heads at angle of alpha from upstream he crosses river by shortest path in 12.5 min. find width of river,velocity of river with respect to water,velocity of boat with respect [...]

Problems from Kinematics again!

Two bodies one held 40 m above other, are released simultaneously . After falling for 3 sec under gravity,  their relative separation is? A particle covers half the distance between two points for equal time for V1 and V2 and other half with V3 an...

Numerical Problems based on Newton’s Laws

1.A machine gun has a mass of 20 kg. it fires 30g bullets at the rate of 400 bullets per second with a speed of 400 m/s. what force must be applied to the gun to keep it in position? 2.A ball of mass 20g hits a wall at an angle of 45 degree with … Continue reading Numerical Problems based on Newton’s Laws

Cheap and Best Physics Books

Basic Physics: A Self-Teaching Guide (Wiley Self-Teaching Guides) (See all Physics Books) Physics For Dummies (See all Physics Books) The Cartoon Guide to Physics (See all Education References) 3,000 Solved Problems in Physics (Schaum's Solved Problems) (Schaum's Solved Problems Series)

+2 Physics :: Problem Solving Tactics in Physics

Physics is often refered to as a Problem Solving Discipline. One who has acquired the skills of problem solving will certainly excel in Physics. The students who learn +2 Physics mainly complain on the difficulties in Problem Solving. It is very essential to get trained in solving problems in Physics from as many sources as … Continue reading +2 Physics :: Problem Solving Tactics in Physics

XII Physics :: Some useful downloads and links

XII Physics 2009 CBSE Board Exam Solution by Toppers XII Physics Model Question Paper from AIPPG XII Physics Problems from Current Electricity (SchoolNotes4u) XII Physics Problems from electromagnetic induction (SchoolNotes4u) XII Physics Chapterwise unit tests and problems