Numerical Problems based on Newton’s Laws

1.A machine gun has a mass of 20 kg. it fires 30g bullets at the rate of 400 bullets per second with a speed of 400 m/s. what force must be applied to the gun to keep it in position? 2.A ball of mass 20g hits a wall at an angle of 45 degree with … Continue reading Numerical Problems based on Newton’s Laws

A Few Problems from Kinematics

A body falling freely from rest has velocity v after it falls a height h . Calculate the distance it should fall down further for its velocity to become double A particle in uniform acceleration in a straight line has a speed of v m/s at position x meter is given by √(25-16x). What is [...]

Explanation For Empirical Horopter: Density Of Photoreceptors

Karolis  asks: ” External SiteLink -In this website (and in many more) in page 5, it’s written that photoreceptors are more densely packed in nasal areas of retina than temporal. That’s one of the explanations why empirical horopter (that’s the unit of all points in visual field, that are seen in the same position monocularly) [...]

A problem from light for class X

Sudhanshu Misra posted: "An object is placed at a distance of 10cm from convex mirror of focal length15cm; find the position and nature of image?" Ans: f= 15 cm u=-10 cm v=? substitute the values in the relation and get the value of v as 6 cm The image is virtual, erect and diminished

Some sample questions from Physics for SA 2 of CCE class X

List the three phenomenon responsible for the formation of rainbow. (Ans: Refraction, Dispersion, (Total)Internal reflection) Why do stars twinkle, but planets do not? (Ans: The twinkling is caused by the variation of intensity of light entering our eye from the stars. The starts are far away from us and they are seen in a position different from their … Continue reading Some sample questions from Physics for SA 2 of CCE class X

Oscillations and Waves :: Question Bank

Oscillations and Waves is considered as the most difficult chapters by most of the students. In many schools, these chapters are not properly discussed and taught due to the lack of time they face during the last term. Further the lack of proper explanations for the different concepts and steps in the text book also add to … Continue reading Oscillations and Waves :: Question Bank