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A Numerical Problem from Mechanics

A rock explodes and is split into three pieces. two of them moves in direction of perpendicular to each other. One piece of mass 1kg moves with velocity of 5m/s and second piece of mass 2kg moves with velocity of 13m/s. find mass of third piece. (Tayade Kishore S asked)   Incoming search terms:numerical problems […]

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Question Bank on Electromagnetic Waves for Class 12 CBSE

Summary Properties of Electromagnetic Waves Electromagnetic waves are composed of oscillating electric and magnetic fields at right angles to each other and both are perpendicular to the direction of propagation of the wave. Electromagnetic waves diffe…

Irodov Solutions

Solutions to Irodov Problem 1.81 and 1.82

The body mpushes the body Mbackwards. As the bodyM is pushed backwards,m is forced to slide down the incline on M. Let the tension in the string be T and let the normal reaction between the surfaces be N. Further let the acceleration of body M be and let the acceleration of body m with […]

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Cyclotron Animation

A cyclotron is device by which positively charged particle can be accelerated and the desired nuclear reaction can be brought about. Principle A positively charged particle can be accelerated to high energy with the help of an oscillating electric field, by making it cross the same electric field time and again with the use of […]