Class XI Physics Practical Exam Viva Voce

Hi Students! The practical examinations are accompanied by viva voce by the external/internal examiner to ensure the genuineness of their work and to analyse the understanding of the subject by the students. So it is important to prove yourself by performing well in the viva voce. The following questions will be of some help to prepare well for … Continue reading Class XI Physics Practical Exam Viva Voce

How can we define one Newton ?

How can we define one Newton? (Asked Pawas Rituja) One newton is defined as that force which when acts on a body of mass 1 kg produces an acceleration of 1 m/s^2 in it Incoming search terms:if you set up your pendulum atop mount everest would the period be less than the same as or greater thanit would [...]

Question from Thermal Properties of matter

A clock has a pendulum made of brass . The clock record time correctly at 20 degree C. If temp is increased by 10 degree C, the clock will gain or lose time and by how much??? (Shubham Chauhan posted this question) Incoming search terms:properties of m...