An online quiz for Class 9 Physics – Force and Motion

Attempt this quiz from force and motion. This is primarily aimed at CBSE Class9 students. A Multiple Choice Quiz from Force The page will open in a new window. Your score will be shown on top of page in percentage. You can attempt multiple times and can improve performance. Please post your comments if you [...]

A website for Physics Homework online help !

Are you looking for online help to solve your Physics Homework questions and problems? Visit, You can post your questions and mostly within 24 hrs you will get your questions answered. In the rare case, you may get hints and references instead of the complete answer.  

Welcome to Physics Homework Help

Welcome to PhysicsHomework.Net - Your online resource to get help in solving your Physics Homeworks and Assignments. If you have a Physics problem, try our online Physics Help. Whether you are a school student or a college student, if your questions ...

Transcript of my chat with a student on DARK MATTER

Mani is online. hi sir..gud aftrnun hello sir..hav u heard of dark matter? ya itz said dat its present evrywher in d universe...does it possess mass? Not Everywhere, Darkmatter is matter which is not seen because they donot emit or reflect any detectable radiations or matter. Their presence is felt by gravity. Just like a … Continue reading Transcript of my chat with a student on DARK MATTER

Physics Online project submission Experiment

Students of Kendriya Vidyalaya Pattom created their first Online Physics Project blog at The teachers found this an effective way of submission and evaluation of data collection projects, which help the students getting trained in effect online content writing and blogging as well as the subject topic of interest. The students submitted their projects … Continue reading Physics Online project submission Experiment