Numerical Problem from Motion of Connected systems

Two blocks A and B of mass m1 and m2 respectively are kept in contact on a frictionless table.The experimenter pushes the block A from behind so that the blocks accelerate. If  the block A exerts a force F on the block B,what is the force exerted by the experimenter on A. Incoming search terms:numericals on [...]

A Numerical Problem on conservation of momentum – An exploding shell

An 80 kg shell is flying at a speed of 36km/h. It explodes into two pieces and one piece of mass 20 kg stops. What is the velocity of other piece? (It’s a simple problem. Expect the visitors to answer soon) Incoming search terms:a 80 kg shell is flyingconservation of momentum problems shellconservation of momentum definition [...]

A numerical problem on Drift velocity

Two conducting wires X and Y of same diameter but different materials are joined in series across a battery . if the number density of electrons in X is twice that in Y . Find the ratio of drift velocity of electrons in the two wires. (Adithya Singh asked this) Incoming search terms:i want to [...]

A Numerical Problem from Projectile Motion

A short is fired from a gun on the top of a hill 90m high with velocity 80m/s at an angle of 30 degree with the horizontal. Find the horizontal distance between the vertical line through the gun and the ponit where the shot strikes the ground? (Shilpa asked this question) Answer: Take Sy= -90m … Continue reading A Numerical Problem from Projectile Motion

A Numerical Problem from Mechanics

A rock explodes and is split into three pieces. two of them moves in direction of perpendicular to each other. One piece of mass 1kg moves with velocity of 5m/s and second piece of mass 2kg moves with velocity of 13m/s. find mass of third piece. (Tayade Kishore S asked)   Incoming search terms:numerical problems [...]

A numerical problem from Beats

Nithya asks: "A source of sound frequency 256Hz is moving rapidly towards a wall with a velocity of 5m/s. How many beats per second will be heard if sound travels at a speed of 330m/s?" a wire of length 140 cm and mass 0.52×10- kg is stretched by means of a load of 16 kg. … Continue reading A numerical problem from Beats

A Numerical Problem from motion

A small smooth object slides down a smooth incline plane, inclined at am angle 30 to the horizontal. What is the acceleration down the plane? The time to reach the bottom if the plane is 50m long? The object is now thrown up the plane with an initial velocity me 15m/s ; how long does … Continue reading A Numerical Problem from motion