Parallel Universe

Is there really a parallel universe? Answer: As of now, the answer is not final. There are different ideas and explanation given on parallel universes. Some say if parallel universe are far away from us, whereas others say that they are very close to us. String theorists say that there are actually 11 dimensions. They’d come to…… Continue reading Parallel Universe

Frequency of sound and loudness

What is meant by frequency? Does the loudness of sound increase with frequency? ( Thiruveni Nainar asked this question) Answer: As you know, sound is produced by the vibrations of the sounding body. Frequency of the sound produced by the vibrations of a body is same as the frequency with which the body vibrates, i.e; the no. of […]

A numerical problem on Drift velocity

Two conducting wires X and Y of same diameter but different materials are joined in series across a battery . if the number density of electrons in X is twice that in Y . Find the ratio of drift velocity of electrons in the two wires. (Adithya Singh asked this) Incoming search terms:i want to […]

ATOMIC NUCLEUS – Question Bank

VERY SHORT AND SHORT-ANSWERQUESTIONS 1. Draw a labelled diagram of Geiger – Marsden experiment on scattering of α particles. How is the size of the nucleus estimated in this experiment. 2. Which particles constitute the nucleus. 3. Distinguish between mass number and atomic number. 4. What are isotopes? Give one example. 5. What are isotopes?…… Continue reading ATOMIC NUCLEUS – Question Bank