Class 12 Physics : Electrostatics Revision Test

Max marks:50 Time:2hrs A glass rod rubbed with silk acquires a charge of 6×10-12 C. Calculate the number of electrons it has gained or lost. (1) If the magnitude of each charge becomes doubled, the separation between them is halved and the system of charges kept in a medium of=3 Calculate the force between them.…… Continue reading Class 12 Physics : Electrostatics Revision Test

Kinematics Problem

In a circus show a clown who is sitting on a post with height,H drops an apple to the ground.At the same time another clown throw an orange vertically upward from ground with speed 11 m/s.If both fruits pass each other after 0.8s, (a) determine the height (b) where do the apple and orange meet? […]

Science model on energy transformations

I have got an assignment from school about making an energy transformation model and I have no idea what to do! Can you help me? (Posted by Maddy on 28 Aug 2011) (Expecting suggestions from visitors and members) Answer: There are many simple models for energy transformation. One of the themes for this years Science […]

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Download AISSCE 2011 Sample Papers for Class XII CBSE

Practising sample papers, model papers and previous question papers is the easiest and fool proof way of scoring big in exams. Here you can find the sample papers published by CBSE for candidates for AISSCE 2011 Physics – Paper-I |   Paper-II |   Paper-III