A Numerical Problem from Mechanics

A rock explodes and is split into three pieces. two of them moves in direction of perpendicular to each other. One piece of mass 1kg moves with velocity of 5m/s and second piece of mass 2kg moves with velocity of 13m/s. find mass of third piece. (Tayade Kishore S asked)   Incoming search terms:numerical problems [...]

Example for rotation and translation together

“Please explain me motion of rigid body having both motion i.e translatory and  rotational. Please explain me logically” – Anoop Asked Answer: When a ball spins at the same place, it is in rotation When the ball is rolling on the ground, it is having translatory motion as well as rotational motion. Incoming search terms:physics from rotation to [...]

A Numerical from kinematics

when a obj. crosses a 5m mark below the top of a building….a 2nd object is released at tat time which is 25m below the top…n den they reach the ground simultaneously…wat is the height of the building??????( dey are both free fallin bodies)Q. from mechanics part 1 DC PANDEY

Numericals from Kinematics

PHYSICS TEST (CLASS XI) Kinematics A particle is projected at 60º to the horizontal with a kinetic energy K. What is the kinetic energy at the highest point Which of the following statements is false for a particle moving in a circle with a constant angular speed? (a) the velocity vector is tangent to the … Continue reading Numericals from Kinematics