A lesson of life from Elasticity

What is elasticity? When an external force (called the deforming force) is applied to bring about changes in the size or shape of a body, the body resists the change. A force is developed inside the body (called the restoring force) which tries to bring the body back to the original position. The property of … Continue reading A lesson of life from Elasticity

A question from practical life situation

“I was hit in the head with a 10 lb 10 inch circular disc a truck ran over my ques is? If it launched from ground level traveled 18.3 feet and hit my head i’md im 6’3. At what speed was it traveling? if it weighs 10 lbs what was its weight really like when [...]

Success Lessons from a Razor

This is the transcript of the farewell message to Class 12 students delivered by Mr. Mathew Abraham who is the founder of AskPhysics.com Dear students, Most of you have completed 12 years of schooling here in this vidyalaya. You were so far in a protected environment. Now the time has come for us to leave … Continue reading Success Lessons from a Razor