Physics Quick Revision study materials for Class XI (CBSE, EAMCET)

1. Units and Dimensions 2. Elements of Vectors 3. Kinematics 4. Dynamics 5. Collisions 6. Centre of Mass 7. Friction 8. Rotatory Motion 9. Gravitation 10. Simple Harmonic Motion 11. Elasticity 12. Surface Tension 13. Fluid Mechanics 14. Thermal Expansion of Materials 15. Thermodynamics 16. Transmission of Heat Related articles Reference Books in Physics Suggested…… Continue reading Physics Quick Revision study materials for Class XI (CBSE, EAMCET)


Find below the links to questions papers in Physics already available at our group of Physics websites   Related articles CBSE published new syllabus, blueprint and Sample Paper in Physics for Class XII Sure Shot questions in…… Continue reading PHYSICS QUESTION PAPERS

A Numerical Problem from Kinematics

A car starts motion from rest at uniform acceleration of 2m/sec 2 for 3 seconds, and then it maintains a constant speed for 2 seconds.Then the breaks are used to decelerate the car uniformly to rest during a time of 3 seconds. Draw the graph representing the journey of the car then calculate 1)the maximum speed…… Continue reading A Numerical Problem from Kinematics

Kinematics Problem

In a circus show a clown who is sitting on a post with height,H drops an apple to the ground.At the same time another clown throw an orange vertically upward from ground with speed 11 m/s.If both fruits pass each other after 0.8s, (a) determine the height (b) where do the apple and orange meet? […]

A question from Kinematics.

An object thrown vertically up from the ground passes the height 5m twice in an interval of 10s. What is its time of flight? (Divya asked) Answer: The question seems partial. I am assuming that g= 10 m/s2 and the projection is strictly vertical. The o…

Numerical Problems from Kinematics and Force

1.if a man in a boat rows perpendicular to the bank he is drifted 120 m during crossing river in 10 minutes . if he heads at angle of alpha from upstream he crosses river by shortest path in 12.5 min. find width of river,velocity of river with respect to water,velocity of boat with respect […]

Problems from Kinematics again!

Two bodies one held 40 m above other, are released simultaneously . After falling for 3 sec under gravity,  their relative separation is?
A particle covers half the distance between two points for equal time for
V1 and V2 and other half with V3 an…