How to excel in Green Olympiad?

Green Olympiad is and exam conducted by TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute) to sensitize school children (Classes 8, 9 and 10) on environmental issues. Thousands of schools from India and abroad participate in this Olympiad. The paper consists of 100 multiple choice questions. Each question deals with one environmental issue or the other. The … Continue reading How to excel in Green Olympiad?

Latest from the Physics World !

Find some interesting links below from Physics World Magazine (online) Test match physics Exploring whether physics is to blame for a dropped catch in the England v India cricket match Did Einstein discover E = mc2? Researchers revisit this controversial issue Hunt for the Higgs enters endgame Delegates at the Lepton Photon 2011 conference in Mumbai debate the [...]

Physicist turns to arts – Prof. Walter Lewin

In the Video below, famous Physicist and teacher Professor Walter Lewin shares his personal insights on arts of 2oth century. Excerpt: “At the turn of the century we’ve reached a point that beauty is no longer an issue. Now you may find some of these works beautiful, but the intention of the artists that you’ve … Continue reading Physicist turns to arts – Prof. Walter Lewin