Relative position of a helicopter

If a helicopter takes off from a point on earth.(at certain altitude) and its still at that point in air.After certain time interval the observer whose position was same as that of helicopter’s take off point will see the helicopter right above him. The question arises is that how it is possible if […]

Explain IMPULSE in simple terms

Vimal asked this question. Impulse is the effect of a force and is measured as the change in momentum produced. The same effect, that is the same change in momentum can be produced by a large force acting for a short interval of time, a small force acting for a large interval of time or a moderate […]

A question from Kinematics.

An object thrown vertically up from the ground passes the height 5m twice in an interval of 10s. What is its time of flight? (Divya asked) Answer: The question seems partial. I am assuming that g= 10 m/s2 and the projection is strictly vertical. The o…