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Stuti posted these:
a particle is thrown with  any velocity vertically upward. the distance traveled by particle in last sec of ascent is 1)g 2)g/2 3)g/4 4)cant be calculated
a ball is dropped from a bridge of 122.5 metre above a river. after ball h…

Practice problems for class 9 SA1

Try to solve these problems, it will help you score good marks in Physics in first summative assessment. Calculate the force required to be imparted to a car to give it a velocity of 30 m/s in 10 s. The mass of the car is 1500 kg. For how long should a force of 200N…… Continue reading Practice problems for class 9 SA1

Sign Convention in kinematics

Please tell me the sign convension for   velocity & accleration for a body  moving upwards ,downwards, right   and left relative to another body? (Apoorv Katoch asked) Answer: In motion, sign conventions are arbitrary. You take one direction as positive and the direction opposite to it as negative. For example, if you consider a […]

A Numerical Problem from motion

A small smooth object slides down a smooth incline plane, inclined at am angle 30 to the horizontal. What is the acceleration down the plane? The time to reach the bottom if the plane is 50m long? The object is now thrown up the plane with an initial velocity me 15m/s ; how long does…… Continue reading A Numerical Problem from motion