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  • Strike while the iron is hot !
    AskPhysics Blog Feed Dear students, CBSE has given you more time for exams. We have approximately 7 days before the Physics exams. How to use this seven days effectively for a thorough revision is very important. 7-8 days of sleeping is a must. One hour of exercise 1 to 2 hours for break fast lunch […]
  • Dreams come true only for those who do their part
    AskPhysics Blog Feed I was recently narrating the life story of a girl from Dindigul who got married to a police constable at the age of 14. She was not even reached class 10. She became the mother of two kids by the age of 18. During that time she had to accompany her husband […]
    AskPhysics Blog Feed “The Philosophers who worked in search of the Philosophers’ stone and those set themselves dedicated to find the elixir of life”The works of those in search of the Philosopher’s stone didn’t go in vain, They made the beginning. The beginning itself was so wonderful that anyone who got touched by the idea […]
  • Quarks, conservation, entanglement
    AskPhysics Blog Feed Doubt from AskPhysics.comI have heard the following statements-> 1. Quarks always exist in a group of 2 or 3, and can not stand alone. 2. Protons are made up of 2 up quarks, and 1 down quark. 3. Quantum mechanics allows us to entangle a particle by somehow dividing it into 2(For […]
  • Prepare for Physics oral test too during lockdown
    AskPhysics Blog Feed Plus Two Physics Oral Test series Many schools have started oral questioning also as part of diagnostic and formative assessment. The initiative was … Prepare for Physics oral test too during lockdown The post Prepare for Physics oral test too during lockdown appeared first on Ask Physics.
  • Theory of Relativity
    AskPhysics Blog Feed The basic concepts of relativity are explained in a very simplified way that are easy to understood by Mr. Vivek Sawhney in this YouTube Video… The video focuses upon the general discussion on Theory of Relativity….What is the theory of Relativity? What is time dilation and length contraction? SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube […]
  • A numerical problem from motion in 1 Dimension
    AskPhysics Blog Feed A boy plays with a ball on a field surrounded by a fence which has a height of 2.5m . He kicks the ball vertically up from a height of 0.4m with a speed of 14 ms−1. (a) What is the maximum height of the ball above the fence? (b) What is […]

HC Verma Solutions

I want H C Verma solution of chapter 3 & 8. I cannot solve  H C Verma problem because it is difficult for me. But i want to it. Please give some idea to solve  H C Verma. My basic concept is not clear. (Komal Posted)

The solutions to HC Verma’s Concepts of Physics – all chapters are already available at this site. If you have any specific doubts, you can ask quoting the particular question in full.

Science model on energy transformations

I have got an assignment from school about making an energy transformation model and I have no idea what to do!
Can you help me? (Posted by Maddy on 28 Aug 2011)

(Expecting suggestions from visitors and members)


There are many simple models for energy transformation. One of the themes for this years Science Exhibitions suggested by NCERT is “Energy Conservation”.

Any generator is a device for energy transformation.

You can think of any device which can convert energy from one form to another.

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An idea shared by Eddie on speed of light barrier

If 24 lights in a series around a circle are wired so that each one switches on as soon as it “sees” the one next to it go on, and switches off as soon as it “sees” the one next to it go off, will the pattern of lights revolve around the circle at a speed close to the speed of light?

Do the super conductors obey the second law of thermodynamics?

Second law of thermodynamics is not violated.

If you can illustrate your idea and doubt, we may be able to discuss in more detail.

Jameel Leers idea on Atom Bomb! What do you think?

Jameel Leers Posted “I’m a carpenter with a bit of an interest in physics. Today while eating lunch on a  building site i realised something that i need confirming or de-bunking. Here it is: I believe an Atomic Bomb wouldn’t work in space. Here’s why: Take 90 kgs of tnt, when it detonates it is self-oxidising and instantly sublimes into rapidly expanding gases. The TNT also releases energy in the form of heat, light, sound and more importantly, kinetic energy in gases given as Ek =  1/2 MV^2. An atomic bomb only realeases heat and light. All the expanding gas, the kinetic energy, is provided by heating the atmosphere. The atmposphere around the A-blast is super heated expands, providing the destructive energy. This is why an atomic bomb blast appears to ‘suck back’. Because the bomb doesn’t make its own gas, and gas that it displaces by expansion cools and returns to ground zero. In the vacuum of space however, the atom bomb will produce only heat and light. The heat will instantly vaporise the supercritical elements and turn to gas, and they will expand, but it will only be the same explosive force as a conventional explosive of the same weight. eg 100kg’s of U-235 will produce 100kg of expanding gas. Just as 100kg’s of TNT will produce 100kg’s of gas. So thats what i think. A-bomb won’t really work in space. It is still a nuclear chain reaction. Not a ‘bomb’ though… What do you think?”

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Prepare for Science Quizzes online

We are starting a series of quizzes to enable the students to practice for online quizzes.

Take the sample quiz below for getting an idea on how the quizzes will be coming. If you like it, let us know. Post your reactions as comment to this post. Based on the popularity, we will be adding more such quizzes of different duration and themes.

The Sample Quiz below is of just five questions.

You will get your score and can revise the answers at the end of the quiz.


Sample Science Quiz

Question 1

Who encouraged Newton to write his ideas for principia?

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
Galileo Galilei
Leonardo da Vinci
Edmund Halley
Question 2

What is the measure of stellar brightness?

Luminous intensity
Question 3

What is the reciprocal of impedance?

Question 4

Who formulated the idea ” the farther away a galaxy the faster it is moving “?

Edwin Hubble
Isaac Newton
Question 5

Which famous Danish physicist determined the speed of light in 1675?


There are 5 questions to complete.



Shaded items are complete.

1 2 3 4 5


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An Idea on UltraSonics

Sarin John Skaria Asked:

“We know that a kidney stone is broken down by using ultrasound waves.now think about creating a machine which can produce a large no.of ultrasound waves in an instance . it will be useful for us to create a tunnel under a hill,for digging a hole in the ground rapidly.”

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