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Which books should be referred for IIT JEE ?

We have received hundreds of questions on the above subject. As the questions continue to pour in, we found it necessary to create a post on it.
IIT JEE is an entrance exam of international repute and IITs are considered at par with MIT by many. So, if you are an IIT aspirant, it is very […]

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Solving problems from kinematics and friction

I just want to know how to easily solve problems related to kinematics and friction. I don’t know why i always face problem in these two topics a lot…… Please help and tell some tricks to solve these both……. THANK U
Incoming search terms:class x physics kinematics numericalsfriction physics problemshow to […]

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Learn the Basics of Physics well for making Physics Easy

Physics is an Exciting subject! But many students score less in Physics. Many look at Physics (and some Physics teachers) with fear. This is actually caused by the faulty methods of learning Physics. Learn the Basics of Physics well The Beauty of Physics lies in the fact that there are only a few basic principles […]

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Rain and Man problems – How to solve?

Shashank Asked: “How to solve rain and man problems from motion in one dimension?” Answer: The problem is solved using principles of vector addition. There is a simple logic to remember A/C = A/B x B/C If we represent diagrammatically (in the form of vectors) the velocity of rain wrt ground, velocity of man wrt […]