A few problems from Current electricity

1. A carbon resistor of 47 k ohms is to be marked in the colour code . Write the sequence of colours . 2. A toaster produces more heat than a light bulb when connected in parallel to the 220 V mains . Which of the two has greater resistance ? 3. A 0- 50…… Continue reading A few problems from Current electricity

Learn Physics Through Videos

The following link will give you a collection of videos to understand the concepts in Physics better. There are videos related to Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Oscillations, Heat and Thermodynamics, Relativity and Modern Physics http://www.wfu.edu/physics/demolabs/demos/avimov/bychptr/bychptr.htm


QUESTION: Out of two solar cookers, one was covered with a plane glass slab and the other was left open. Which of the two solar cookers will be more efficient and why?ANSWER: The solar cooker with the glass slab: as the heat gets trapped within the cooker and the temperature of the cooker rises. It…… Continue reading SAMPLE QUESTIONS FOR SA 1 PHYSICS