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How was your Practical Viva? Share your experience!

Hello Dear Students of Class XII.   The practical exams begun and most of you are attending the Viva Voce for the first time. Sharing your experience would be a nice idea. It will help your friends all over to have an idea about the nature of experience you had and prepare accordingly. Though every […]

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Electrostatics – One mark and two marks questions for practice

A collection of one mark and two marks questions from ELECTROSTATICS. Practise these for scoring a better and winning the edge over your coscholars!

Answers Electrostatics

Electric field inside a dielectric

Why does the electric field inside a dielectric decrease when it is placed in an external electric field? (Thushara asked) Answer: The net electric field inside a dielectric decreases due to polarization. The external electric field polarizes the dielectric and an electric field is produced due to this polarization. This internal electric field will be […]

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Gauss`s law

Nagendra chowdary asked : – “A circular ring of radius r made of a non conducting material is placed with its axis is parallel to a uniform electric field if the ring rotated by 180 degrees Does the flux changes? A Q charge is uniformly distributed on a thin spherical shell If a point charge […]