Difference between g and G

What is the difference between capital ‘G’ and small ‘g’ in the chapter gravitation?  g  G  Acceleration due to gravity  Universal constant of gravitation  varies from place to place  A constant everywhere on earth  vector quantity  A dimensional constant  unit is ms-2  unit is Nm2kg-2 Incoming search terms:difference between G and Gdifference bet g and Gdifference […]

Dimensional Analysis – A solved example

Deduce the dimensional formula for workdone,pressure and density. [posted by boineelo ] Answer: workdone We know that workdone = force x distance Therefore [work done] =  [force] [distance] but force = ma [force]=[m][a] [a]=[velocity]/[t] [velocity]=[displacement]/[t] So, putting all these together [work done]=[m][distance][distance]/[time][time] [work done]=ML2T-2 Similarly, you can work out the dimensional formula for pressure and density as [pressure]=[force]/[area]=ML-1T-2 […]

Physics Nobel Prize 2010

Professor Andre Geim and Professor Konstantin Novoselov have been awarded Nobel Prize in Physics (2010) for their pioneering work with the world’s thinnest material. Sometimes the old gives rise to the new in wonderfully unexpected ways. Such wa…

Learn Physics Through Videos (Khan Academy)

Introduction to motion Introduction to motion (part 2) Introduction to motion (part 3) Projectile motion (part 1) Projectile motion (part 2) Projectile motion (part 3) Projectile motion (part 4) Projectile motion (part 5) Projectile motion (part 6) Projectile motion (part 7) Projectile motion (part 8) Projectile motion (part 9) Projectile motion (part 10) 2 dimensional…… Continue reading Learn Physics Through Videos (Khan Academy)

Physics doubts from Class XI student

How to check the correctness of equation s=u+0.5a(2n-1) using dimensional analysis?(Please describe) In law of conservation of linear momentum derivation,why force acting on body B by A is taken as product of mass and acceleration of "B" and not "A" instead of "B"?   Answer The accuracy is checked as usual, but remember that the…… Continue reading Physics doubts from Class XI student

Questions received from a curious UG student

I have several doubts in physics.Would you like to answer me please?The following are the doubtful questions I have – 1.What is meant by ‘Radic’? 2.What is a ‘parallelopiped’?Is it a 3-dimensional parallelogram? 3.Why does no electric current flow through vacuum? 4.When several transparent materials are kept above each other, the resultant behaves like an…… Continue reading Questions received from a curious UG student