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Expert Downloads from New Scientist

New Scientist offered some very useful downloads for its registered users. Here you can find the links to the downloads. Unseen Universe Meta Materials Dark Matter Astro Biology General Relativity


Must Read – A Costly Quest for the Dark Heart of the Cosmos

The experiment, if it succeeds, could help NASA take a giant step toward answering the question of what the universe is made of. It could also confer scientific glory on both the International Space Station and a celebrated physicist reaching one last time, literally, for the stars. If it fails, it will validate critics who […]

CHAT Transcripts

Transcript of my chat with a student on DARK MATTER

Mani is online. hi sir..gud aftrnun hello sir..hav u heard of dark matter? ya itz said dat its present evrywher in d universe…does it possess mass? Not Everywhere, Darkmatter is matter which is not seen because they donot emit or reflect any detectable radiations or matter. Their presence is felt by gravity. Just like a […]