Physics Video Lessons & Problems, Organized by Unit

Kinematics Newton’s Laws of Motion Work, Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy, Conservation of Energy Impulse, Linear Momentum, Conservation of Linear Momentum Rotational Motion, Torque, Rolling Objects, Moment of Inertia, and Angular Momentum Oscillatory Motion Gravitation Electrostatics, Electric Forces, and Electric Fields Capacitance Current, Resistance, and DC Circuits. Magnetism and Sources of Magnetic Field. Electromagnetic Inductions.

Syllabus for IPhO

General : A.The extensive use of the calculus (differentiation and integration) and the use of complex numbers or solving differential equations should not be required to solve the theoretical and practical problems. B.Questions may contain concepts and phenomena not contained in the Syllabus but sufficient information must be given in the questions so that candidates…… Continue reading Syllabus for IPhO

Physics doubts from Class XI student

How to check the correctness of equation s=u+0.5a(2n-1) using dimensional analysis?(Please describe) In law of conservation of linear momentum derivation,why force acting on body B by A is taken as product of mass and acceleration of "B" and not "A" instead of "B"?   Answer The accuracy is checked as usual, but remember that the…… Continue reading Physics doubts from Class XI student