Numerical Problems from Light

Madhu sent us the following problems from “Light”. Visitors can attempt to solve the problems by quoting the question number. Most of the questions below are based on mirror formula and lens formula.   Mirror Formula   Lens Formula   Now try solving these questions/problems. If in doubt or not able to solve the problems,…… Continue reading Numerical Problems from Light

Questions received from a curious UG student

I have several doubts in physics.Would you like to answer me please?The following are the doubtful questions I have – 1.What is meant by ‘Radic’? 2.What is a ‘parallelopiped’?Is it a 3-dimensional parallelogram? 3.Why does no electric current flow through vacuum? 4.When several transparent materials are kept above each other, the resultant behaves like an…… Continue reading Questions received from a curious UG student