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Communication Systems : Revision Test

One mark questions What is the meant by the term attenuation ? Why ground wave transmission is restricted to 1500 kHz? Define critical frequency in sky wave propagation. What type of modulation is required in TV transmission? Why AM radio reception is affected by electrical disturbances while FM radio reception is not? What should be…… Continue reading Communication Systems : Revision Test


IMPORTANT POINTS TO REMEMBER Communication system is a system that transmits information from one point to another. The three basic components of a communication system are : Transmitter Communication channel Receiver Transmitter is a device that transmits the receiving end through a communication channel.It basically transforms a message signal into a suitable form for transmission…… Continue reading COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS

Communication Systems – Important Questions for AISSCE 2010

VERY SHORT ANSWER AND SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS What do you mean by communication? What is a digital signal? What is an analog signal? Mention the different types of communication systems? What do you mean by radio communication? What is modulation? Distinguish modulating wave, carrier wave and modulated wave. What are the different methods of modullation?…… Continue reading Communication Systems – Important Questions for AISSCE 2010