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  • Strike while the iron is hot !
    AskPhysics Blog Feed Dear students, CBSE has given you more time for exams. We have approximately 7 days before the Physics exams. How to use this seven days effectively for a thorough revision is very important. 7-8 days of sleeping is a must. One hour of exercise 1 to 2 hours for break fast lunch […]
  • Dreams come true only for those who do their part
    AskPhysics Blog Feed I was recently narrating the life story of a girl from Dindigul who got married to a police constable at the age of 14. She was not even reached class 10. She became the mother of two kids by the age of 18. During that time she had to accompany her husband […]
    AskPhysics Blog Feed “The Philosophers who worked in search of the Philosophers’ stone and those set themselves dedicated to find the elixir of life”The works of those in search of the Philosopher’s stone didn’t go in vain, They made the beginning. The beginning itself was so wonderful that anyone who got touched by the idea […]
  • Quarks, conservation, entanglement
    AskPhysics Blog Feed Doubt from AskPhysics.comI have heard the following statements-> 1. Quarks always exist in a group of 2 or 3, and can not stand alone. 2. Protons are made up of 2 up quarks, and 1 down quark. 3. Quantum mechanics allows us to entangle a particle by somehow dividing it into 2(For […]
  • Prepare for Physics oral test too during lockdown
    AskPhysics Blog Feed Plus Two Physics Oral Test series Many schools have started oral questioning also as part of diagnostic and formative assessment. The initiative was … Prepare for Physics oral test too during lockdown The post Prepare for Physics oral test too during lockdown appeared first on Ask Physics.
  • Theory of Relativity
    AskPhysics Blog Feed The basic concepts of relativity are explained in a very simplified way that are easy to understood by Mr. Vivek Sawhney in this YouTube Video… The video focuses upon the general discussion on Theory of Relativity….What is the theory of Relativity? What is time dilation and length contraction? SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube […]
  • A numerical problem from motion in 1 Dimension
    AskPhysics Blog Feed A boy plays with a ball on a field surrounded by a fence which has a height of 2.5m . He kicks the ball vertically up from a height of 0.4m with a speed of 14 ms−1. (a) What is the maximum height of the ball above the fence? (b) What is […]


Find below a question bank from the chapter GRAVITATION of class 9. Portions up to the syllabus for Summative assessment 1 only is included. The answers are not published herewith. Students are advised to solve the questions and problems and post the questions which they are not able to answer properly or have some doubt […]

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Solving problems from kinematics and friction

I just want to know how to easily solve problems related to kinematics and friction. I don’t know why i always face problem in these two topics a lot……
Please help and tell some tricks to solve these both…….

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Pseudo force and solving problems

Sir,can we solve problem without considering pseudo forces in non inertial frame?(give an example)

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Where is electricity stored after it is generated but before it is supplied?

This question was posted by Chithraja. This is a common doubt arising naturally in the minds of children as well as adults who think. But they never ask, or if they ask the questions remain unanswered.

I will explain the question itself first. When we switch on a bulb we get the energy. But what happens to the electricity when we are not using it? Is it just wasted if we don’t use it?

Then, won’t it be better using as much of it when available rather than saving it by not using electrical appliances?

These are all associated questions which I have also asked several times.

Before I actually answer the question I am waiting for responses from visitors, students and teachers

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  • Where is electricity stored after it is generated but before it is supplied?

Tossing a coin in a moving train.

if a man tossed a coin in a moving train and the coin fell back then in which type if motion train is moving? and how?

Answer: This shows that the train is accelerated. When the coin was thrown, it had the same velocity of the train. If the train was not accelerated, the coin would have fallen on to the hands of the man itself. But the accelerated train moves a greater horizontal distance than by the coin.

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  • class 9 tamil portions for sa1

A too simple question paper from Physics (Magnetic effects of current and magnetism) for class XII

If you find these question easy to answer, well and good. If you don’t, please revise these portions thoroughly. These are based on just the minimum level of learning expected from a Class XII student. State Gauss theorem in magnetism. Define the terms retentivity and coercivity. Which direction will a magnetic compass show when it […]

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Class 12 Physics – HOTS Question Bank Free DownLload

HOTS Physics for Class12

The following questions banks were prepared by KVS.


  1. http://www.zietmysore.org/stud_mats/XII/PHYSICS/unit1-electrostatics.pdf
  2. http://www.zietmysore.org/stud_mats/XII/PHYSICS/unit2-current.pdf
  3. http://www.zietmysore.org/stud_mats/XII/PHYSICS/unit3-mag.pdf
  4. http://www.zietmysore.org/stud_mats/XII/PHYSICS/unit4-emi.pdf
  5. http://www.zietmysore.org/stud_mats/XII/PHYSICS/unit5-emwave.pdf
  6. http://www.zietmysore.org/stud_mats/XII/PHYSICS/unit6-optincs.pdf
  7. http://www.zietmysore.org/stud_mats/XII/PHYSICS/unit7-dual.pdf
  8. http://www.zietmysore.org/stud_mats/XII/PHYSICS/atomic%20nuclei-hots8f.pdf
  9. http://www.zietmysore.org/stud_mats/XII/PHYSICS/unit9-semiconductor.pdf
  10. http://www.zietmysore.org/stud_mats/XII/PHYSICS/unit10-communication.pdf
  11. http://www.zietmysore.org/stud_mats/XII/PHYSICS/em%20wave-hots.pdf


Find other dowloads here http://www.zietmysore.org/study.htm

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