QUESTION: Two metallic wires A and B of the same material are connected in parallel. Wire A has length l and radius r, wire B has a length 2l and radius 2r. Calculate the ratio of the equivalent resistance in parallel combination and the resistance of wire A. ANSWER:


QUESTION: In a household electric circuit different appliances are connected in parallel to one another. Give two reasons.An electrician puts a fuse of rating 5A in that part of domestic electrical circuit in which an electrical heater of rating 1.5kW, 220V is operating. What is likely to happen in this case and why? What change, … Continue reading CBSE CLASS X CCE: QUESTIONS FOR SA 1


QUESTION: What is biogas? How is it obtained from biomass? Why is biogas considered an ideal fuel?ANSWER: Biogas is a mixture of methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and hydrogen sulphide. Biogas is obtained by anaerobic decomposition of biomas. 1. Heating Capacity high2. Burnes without smoke3. Leaves no residue4. Slurry left behind can be used as a … Continue reading CBSE CLASS X : QUESTIONS FOR SA 1

Class X CCE Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does CCE mean frequent tests and assignments?CHAIRMAN: The term continuous in CCE refers to periodicity and regularity in assessment. It does not mean that tests and assignments have to be conducted or given frequently. On thecontrary, the scheme of CCE discourages mechanical testing. It envisages employment of variety of tools and techniques for assessment … Continue reading Class X CCE Frequently Asked Questions

Electricity – Class X CBSE

Some important points to remember The resistance of a conductor does not change when the current through it is changed or the voltage across it is changed. When current is changed, the voltage across it is also changed so that the ratio V/I = R The value of resistance changes if the dimensions (length or … Continue reading Electricity – Class X CBSE

QUESTION BANK Class X Physics (Electricity)

Very short answer questions (1 mark) 1. Give the unit of (a) Charge (b) Current 2. Define current 3. Name the unit of (a) electrical resistance (b) resistivity 4. Define One Ohm 5. Define Resistivity 6. What is the resistance of a torch bulb rated at 2.5 V and 500 mA? 7. Two resistances of … Continue reading QUESTION BANK Class X Physics (Electricity)

CBSE Class 10 Science MCQ for AISSE 2010 :: External Links for Practicing online

Energy Fuels The Sun and Nuclear Energy Food Production Management of Food Resources Health The Universe The Earth System Metals and Nonmetals Carbon and Its Compounds Biosphere Man and His Environment Water Air Space Exploration