Which way is better for giving AIEEE exam? ONLINE or OFFLINE.

Which way is better for giving AIEEE exam? ONLINE or OFFLINE. -Yash asked – Answer: I would personally recommend online. But the choice is up to you. Please follow the following check to decide. Try to identify for yourself the plus points and negative points of writing AIEEE online and OFFLINE. The most important disadvantage […]

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Motion in a vertical circle and conservation of energy

A stone  tied to a string of length l is whirled around a vertical circle with the other end of the string at the centre. At a certain instant of time the stone is at the lowest position and has a speed u. What is the magnitude of change in its velocity as it reaches […]

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What is the difference between centre of gravity,centroid and centre of mass ?

Centroid is the geometric centre of a plane figure or object Centroid divides the shape into regions of equal moments.     Centre of mass is the mean location of all masses in a system   Centre of gravity is the point through which the w…

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Variation of acceleration due to gravity with depth. A doubt.

Rajkumar asks: “accelaration due to gravity decrease on depth of earth with the relation of g’=g(1-2h/R). but with relation of g=GM/(R*R)  g increase.
When the object is on the surface or above it, the entire mass of the earth attracts it. But when it is inside, the net attraction towards CENTRE is provided only by the mass of […]

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A question based on the theory of machines

†ђe fig below shows a tilt hammer ahinged at o, with its head resting on top of †ђe pile Bm †ђe hammer including †ђe arm OA, has a mass of 25kg.its centre of gravity Gis 400mm horizontally. from O Ąπϑ its radius of gyration about an axis through G parallel to †ђe axis of †ђe […]

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Electrostatics : A Practice Test Paper – 1

Time: 45 min Max. Marks: 25 How does the force between two point charges change, if the dielectric constant of the medium in which they are kept, increases? [1] Name the experiment which established the quantum nature of electric charge. [1] Ordinary rubber is an insulator, but the special tyres of aircrafts are made slightly conducting. Why […]

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Some Questions from Electrostatics posted by visitors

An infinite no. of charges each equal to 4 micro coulomb are place along the x-axis at x=1m,2m,4m and so on.find the electric field at the origin due to given sets of charges. What is meant by a cavity and what is the electric field on the circumference of a cavity whose centre is at […]