Commonly asked questions for AISSE (CLASS X CBSE) Physics (Set – 1)

(Collected from Previous Board Question Papers and CBSE Sample Papers andGuess Papers made by experienced teachers)

Where does centre of curvature of a spherical mirror lie? Name two important properties of a magnet. How is 1 ohm related to ampere and volt? Draw neat ray diagrams to illustrate the formation of images due to a beam of light incident parallel to the principal axis of a (i) concave mirror, (ii) convex mirror in each case. Why is a series arrangement not used for connecting domestic electrical appliances in a circuit? Out of 60 W and 40 W lamps, which one has a higher electrical resistance when in use? Draw ray diagrams to represent the nature, position and relative size of the image formed by a convex lens for the object placed.(a) at F (b) Between F and O What is meant by the term, ‘magnetic field’? Why does a compass needle show deflection when brought near a bar magnet? Two lamps, one rated 60W at 220 V and the other 40W at 220 V, are connected in parallel to the electric supply at 220V.(a) Draw a circuit diagram to show the connections.

(b)Calculate the current drawn from the electric supply.

(c)Calculate the total energy read more