CBSE Class 10 Science MCQ for AISSE 2010 :: External Links for Practicing online

Energy Fuels The Sun and Nuclear Energy Food Production Management of Food Resources Health The Universe The Earth System Metals and Nonmetals Carbon and Its Compounds Biosphere Man and His Environment Water Air Space Exploration

How was AISSE (CBSE Class 10) 2010 Science Question Paper ?

26 March 2010 : Today CBSE conducted Science Exam for AISSE (CBSE Class X). Some students responded that many questions were unexpected and unconventional. What is your opinion? Was there any error in any of the questions? Was there any question out of syllabus? Was the paper lengthy? Post your comments and reactions here as intense debate comments … Continue reading How was AISSE (CBSE Class 10) 2010 Science Question Paper ?

Exam2Home :: Service started

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Revision Questions for AISSE Physics

ELECTRICITY 1.      Define electric potential difference? 2.      Why is an ammeter connected in series in a circuit? 3.      Why is a voltmeter connected in parallel in a circuit? 4.      State the law that governs the strength of the current passing through a metallic conductor when a p.d is applied across its end. Illustrate this law … Continue reading Revision Questions for AISSE Physics