Parallel Universe

Is there really a parallel universe? Answer: As of now, the answer is not final. There are different ideas and explanation given on parallel universes. Some say if parallel universe are far away from us, whereas others say that they are very close to us. String theorists say that there are actually 11 dimensions. They’d come to…… Continue reading Parallel Universe

Electric Current and flow of electrons

I have read that the FLOW OF ELECTRONS is called electricity. I wanna know that what is meant by flow of electrons? Pleaz answer me…. (Asked Kiruthika) Answer: Electric current is the flow of charges. (Measured as the rate of flow of charges). In conductors electric current is caused by the flow of free electrons. When a potential difference is…… Continue reading Electric Current and flow of electrons

Eating food during Eclipse

I heard that we ought not eat anything in eclipse hours. Is there any scientific reason for that? Tejaswini  asked Answer: There is no scientific reason behind it. Earlier it was thought that more harmful rays are reaching earth from sun at the time of eclipse. But actually it is less at the time of eclipse as…… Continue reading Eating food during Eclipse

Horizontal projectile and freely falling body

A rifle at a height H aimed horizontally fires a bullet to the ground. At the same time , a bullet with the same mass in dropped from the same height. Neglecting air resistance, which one hits the ground first?Explain.
ED posted
Both will hit t…

Electricfield, Magnetic Field and Photon

We know that photon has no charge. Then where from it gets electric and magnetic field in light?
Malik Sajad asks
Electric and magnetic fields are not produced by the photon; it is massless too.
But, photon is created by time varying electric a…

Why direct currents aren’t used in Home circuits?

How can an alternating current change its direction while moving in a wire or any conductor? Why direct currents aren’t used in Home circuits?
Alternating current is produced by rotating a coil in a strong magnetic field (or …

Proportionality relation in electric power

Power is directly proportional as well as inversely proportional by two formulae.How does one justify? P=V2/R as well as p=I2 R.   Answer: This means that for a given current, (i.e, when current is kept constant) Power is directly proportional to resistance. eg, when a number of appliances are connected in series, the same current…… Continue reading Proportionality relation in electric power