HC Verma Solutions

I want H C Verma solution of chapter 3 & 8. I cannot solve  H C Verma problem because it is difficult for me. But i want to it. Please give some idea to solve  H C Verma. My basic concept is not clear. (Komal Posted) The solutions to HC Verma’s Concepts of Physics – all chapters are already available at this…… Continue reading HC Verma Solutions

Rotational motion – Flywheel problem

The flywheel has mass m & is rotating with angular velocity w.the radius of the flywheel is R. masses m1 & m2are placed over r1 & r2 radius.find the change in w due to the placing of masses? Posted by Tushar Srivastava (Waiting for your responses before posting the final solution)

Preparing for IIT JEE Physics

Yudhvir asks: “Hello Sir!!! I m in 11th!! I want to do less work & more benefit!! I don’t like to study at all!!…but i have decided to do only DC Pandey!! is it enough for IIT preparation???”   Answer: No pain, no gain! Whatever be the book you follow, understanding the basic concepts is all […]

Can you answer this questions from units and dimensions

“Find the value of 60 joule per minute on a system which has 10cm, 100gm and 1 minute as fundamental units.” Post your answer as comments. You can also upload a file using the contact page or ask a question page. Incoming search terms:questions on units and dimensionsnumericals on units & dimensions in 11 physicsphysics […]

Physics for you magazine “Sample Pages – Examiner’s Mind”

Physics for You is an excellent monthly magazine for all those who want to prepare for various Entrance examinations. You can download the Feb 2011 edition sample pages from the section Examiner’s Mind at the link here click here to download You can purchase single edition or subscribe online at http://pcmbtoday.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=11