Is the acceleration due to gravity different in south pole and north pole

Mohak Tandon Asks – “
“Is the acceleration due to gravity different in south pole and north pole?”
As per theory, acceleration due to gravity changes with altitude, depth and latitude.
If we consider that the variation of g with latitude is caused by rotation of earth only, then the value of g will be same for both […]

Relative position of a helicopter

If a helicopter takes off from a point on earth.(at certain altitude) and its still at that point in air.After certain time interval the observer whose position was same as that of helicopter’s take off point will see the helicopter right above him. The question arises is that how it is possible if […]

Potential Difference – misconception

What actually it means when we say “potential difference across..” ? Does it indicate that the somehow the energy level of electrons across it is less than on the other side or is it just the amount of energy consumption across it. If latter is true then in AC we’ve voltages which dont algebraically add […]

Variation of Time with altitude

Time shown by a clock at a height more than that of the mount everest will be ahead of the time shown by the clock at ground level? Or it will be same? Or there will be a difference but very small.? Answer: If it is a pendulum clock, the time period will vary with…… Continue reading Variation of Time with altitude